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May 11 2016

WW: Were you raised in a barn?

Category: Egress,Panic Hardware,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:05 am Comments (12)

This Wordless Wednesday photo could have easily been a Fixed-it Friday photo, but since this “fix” is on an occupied Assembly space, it left me Wordless.  Thank you to Dave Ilardi of Allegion for sending me photos from the family vacation.  😀

Raised in a Barn

UPDATE:  Charles Anderson reminded me that someone else sent in a photo of this SAME DOOR 3 years ago!  Rather than thinking: a) Charles has an amazing memory, b) iDH readers are making pilgrimages to visit WW and FF doors, or c) I have lost track of the more than 5,000 images that are on this site (all 3 may be true), think about this…in 3 years, nobody has convinced this facility – a family-oriented farm “experience” with Assembly areas – that their exits should comply with the egress requirements.  That’s why these non-compliant openings exist – sometimes for decades.  

It’s almost time for summer vacation!  Don’t forget to send me some photos!

12 Responses to “WW: Were you raised in a barn?”

  1. Lee Francisco says:

    What are those items between the closer and the top vertical rod latches? Looks like the one on the right has an associated piece of hardware located on the frame head.

  2. Cda says:

    Is that picture in your archives also??

    Seems like I have seen it before?

    Thought the place was converted into a place of assembly

  3. Cda says:

    Ok now people are visiting the doors you post!!!

    New book for you, “Top Fifty Doors You Have to Visit”

  4. Michael Pedersen says:

    Those bottom rods don’t look like they’re latching properly, either.

  5. Harry says:

    It will all be ok when they put the sign up that says “this board must be removed during business hours”

  6. Joel Niemi says:

    And I thought I’d see a sliding barn door with a swinging door inset over a 4″ high bottom board, or such

  7. Robert says:

    No, I wasn’t born in a barn, but I died in one!

  8. Jim Hooker says:

    Doesn’t everyone put pull handles on the push side of doors?

  9. Vince Black says:

    We all know how this goes.
    Bottom rods start to not latch anymore.
    Concrete heaves, door sags etc. Strikes out of alignment, or dust proof strikes no longer dust proof.

    Building owners/maintenance try to adjust them.
    Works for awhile, maybe.

    Call a Door Repair Company.
    Nothing but expensive news.

    This is where it ends up.

    Seen it too many times.

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