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May 25 2016

WW: Gas Station Exit

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:03 am Comments (10)

I think we all know by now that egress doors are not allowed to be painted or covered in a way that would disguise them (except certain doors in health care occupancies where NFPA 101 allows murals).  Charles Anderson sent me this photo, and I was surprised to learn that it was in a gas station/convenience store.  I think we’ll see this more often as these types of wall coverings become popular.

Gas Station Exit

10 Responses to “WW: Gas Station Exit”

  1. Estefano Pilonieta says:

    This looks like the coyote did this to catch the road runner

  2. Bill Partington says:

    Nay, maybe ok with a red decal exit sign on the door.

  3. Lee Francisco says:

    At least they painted the frame a contrasting color…sort of.

    • B. Holt says:

      I was thinking the same thing Lee…and wondering if that would be enough to define the opening as such and allow it to pass inspection.

  4. James Slemmons says:

    I’ve seen worse.

  5. Daniel Poehler says:

    This situation, being at the end of a corridor, doesn’t bother me as much as an open room where there is no focal point to an exit and a mural would serve as a better disguise. I’m not really fooled by the mural in this example, but does it comply?

  6. Khozema Kazi, AHC, FDAI says:

    Although not compliant, add photoluminescent strips on frame face and exit device push pad, to make it better visible in dark.

  7. MartinB (aka lauxmyth) says:

    Somehow this does not bother me much at all. Face it, often a door is simply a different shade of paint from the wall and the frame. Nobody considers that a disguise. Given the solid lines of the frame, I think the door is fine. The warning label is wasted as it is ‘hidden’ but it is not delayed egress so the sign is not a code requirement just a good idea.

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