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May 27 2016

FF: Pivot Problem

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Hinges & PivotsLori @ 9:27 am Comments (11)

A reader from Armor Lock & Security sent me the first Fixed-it Friday photo a couple of months ago.  They had been called to a convenience store to work on the safe, and noticed that the top pivot on the front door was barely hanging on.  The owner did not hire Armor to fix the front door, and I just received the second photo showing the current state.  Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and walk away.

Pivot Problem

Hinge Fix

On a related topic…I’ve been thinking about a new series for iDigHardware, but I need your help.  People often ask me if I have photos of Allegion hardware – for example, “what does a Chexit look like when it’s installed with the proper signage?”  Since so many of my photos are of Doors Gone Wrong, I don’t have many photos showing good installations.  I think it would be fun and educational to post some before & after photos – the “before” photo showing a problem (code-related, damaged hardware, vandalism, etc.) and an “after” photo with an explanation of what was repaired/replaced.  The photos don’t have to be advertisement-quality, just clear photos showing the full door and the problems and changes.  Of course, I will include your name and company with a link if you’d like.

Next time you use Allegion products to solve a problem, send me some photos!

11 Responses to “FF: Pivot Problem”

  1. Michael Pedersen says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t just duck tape it in place. Maybe add some Elmer’s glue and string for extra sturdiness.

    Also, a series on good installations sounds like a great idea, Lori! Looking forward to it!

  2. Wolfe says:

    Yes – I see it, that bottom left screw is loose……right?

  3. Glenn Younger says:

    The dark side of some National Servie Providedrs (NSPs) is they often want to get the job cheaply, done fast, and did I mention at a low cost. When cost is the driver this is the type of install that they get. This is life of an retrofit security hardware company. Decisions made at a remote call center by people with little background or experiance.
    Of the 50 or so NSPs we specifically do NOT do work for about 40. There are about 10 who “get it” and try and do the right thing.
    The good ones include: Mass Glass, Rolland Safe, Quality Solutions and ComLock. Others?

  4. Daniel Davis says:

    Wow! It’s not even straight!

  5. M. Stenner says:

    “Wall of Shame” versus “Wall of Fame”…. …hmmmmmm
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend

  6. Bryan says:

    Wow, I think that one takes the cake!
    I don’t remember seeing such lack of attention to detail!!


    Another first from space technology….perhaps it was a DIY project . I love self inflicted damage like this. Every Locksmith should carry a photo journal of jobs like this …To show customers the right way and the wrong way . But in the end it’s the customers dime and they can spend it anyway they want .. like I always say …If you think hiring a Professional is expensive …Wait till you hire an Amateaur..

  8. DAVID F. says:

    I love jobs like this … Its like I always say If you think hiring a Professional is expensive…wait till you hire an Amateur …

  9. Ivan Chavez says:

    Ohhhh, this must be the new off-offset 1/4 – 1/2 centerline pivot compatible with 3/4 offset pivots. No closer needed!!! 😉

  10. MartinB (aka lauxmyth) says:

    Any info on whether they took the bottom pivot off. If not, the swing of this door must be fun to watch.

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