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May 20 2016

FF: Kick-Up Holder

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Hold-OpensLori @ 12:19 am Comments (21)

For this second time this week (here’s the first one)…a post featuring the same type of product.  Tim Weller of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo, which features a kick-down stop (holder) in the new and improved “kick-up” custom mounting configuration.  It’s just missing part number HDFPP (handy-dandy frame protector plate).  We might have to come up with a new name for the kick-down stop used as an overhead holder, since the average Joe probably wouldn’t be able to kick it into position.

Kick Up Holder

21 Responses to “FF: Kick-Up Holder”

  1. Austin B says:

    Flip-Up holder???

  2. Ryan Pfeiffer says:

    The “punch up stop”?

  3. Michael Pedersen says:

    It could still be a kick stop… if you’re Bruce Lee.

  4. Jeff Tock says:

    This could be the flopper…not to be confused with the clapper. Flop on, flop off.

  5. Dennis says:

    It’s for a karate school, called a ‘Kick-up’ door prop. No hands allowed.

  6. Paul M Goldense says:

    Top Prop!

  7. Ryan Johnson says:

    I like to call that Job Security.

  8. Harry says:

    Solves the 10″ clear bottom rail issue!

  9. Marcus Muirhead says:

    Is there anything so stupid that some idiot won’t try it? My grandmother used to say, “Nothing is foolproof in the hands of a fool.” Just sayin’…

  10. Darren Patton says:

    Damn! I’ve been doing it all wrong.

  11. Rick Halloran says:

    If you stand on your head, it all makes sense

  12. Fred Collier says:

    Nice product for IVES-
    Door Top Stop.

    DTS-6″ 605, 626, 613

  13. Eric says:

    Never, ever say that you’ve “seen it all” in this industry because someone will come along and prove you wrong. Every time.

  14. Tom Breese says:

    Hmmm…as now installed, the device itself is not accessible. We’ll need to include its operation as part of the job descriptions of particular persons, and stipulate as not for use by the general public. 😎

  15. Chuck Park says:

    Just when you thought that you’ve seen everything…

  16. Roger Piane says:

    They need to mount a 1250 on the hinge jamb below the U-Flip door holder. The holder also makes a great folding lever door pull. That pull don’t need the value added rubber insert.

  17. MartinB (aka lauxmyth) says:

    We can call it a ‘hinge killer’ as a bit of wind and the top hinge will rip out.

  18. Jean Tessmer says:

    Lori did you know that the ADA does not allow door kick stops or any kind of stop to be mounted on the door surface?

  19. Jean Tessmer says:

    Lori, I needed to specify door stops and holders for commercial restrooms that are required to meet ADA. I spoke to my contact at DOJ and the solution to avoid the 10″ smooth area is to mount the door stop on a wall at 42″ AFF. It could be lower but not lower than 34″ to be safe. I am specifying one that mounts on the wall, has a rubber stop and a hook that will swing to the small catch mounted on the back of the door.

    Have you heard anything that would contradict this placement?

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jean –

      The 10-inch requirement only applies to the push-side face of manual doors. The door stop you are describing is on the pull side and mounted on the wall so it would not interfere with the 10-inch flush area on the push side.

      – Lori

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