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Mar 25 2016

FF: Passage Function Retrofit

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 9:49 am Comments (5)

There’s more than one way to change a lock function…

Passage Retrofit 1  Passage Retrofit 2

Thank you to Estefano Pilonieta of M&D Door & Hardware for this Fixed-it Friday photo!


In other news…the final-final copy of the 2016 Allegion Code Reference Guide is ready for download.  If you have already downloaded the 2016 edition of the guide, most of the changes in the final draft were errant commas, missing periods, and inconsistent hyphens, but feel free to download another copy if you’d like by clicking here.

2016 Code Reference Guide

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5 Responses to “FF: Passage Function Retrofit”

  1. Brandon J says:

    Uh Oh Duct Tape my be getting a run for its money.

  2. Fred Collier says:

    Looks like a S.Parker lock. No doubt it has a broken latch….

  3. Rich says:

    A teaching moment here? I see a keyhole but don’t see a button on the inside. The floor and wall make me think restroom. Classroom function maybe and now the person responsible for lock/unlock will have to remove all that tape and learn the consequence of forgetting to unlock it.

  4. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Very few understand how much easier it is to tape a piece of cardboard over the strike plate, no mess, no fuss.

  5. David F C.P.L. S.H.C. says:

    Or perhaps the lock was broken ( store room function ) and they need access to the area ( I think too here a washroom ) and they were waiting patiently for the Locksmith to arrive,,, ( I Know I Know Wishful thinking)

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