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Jan 05 2016

Good Egress – 99% Invisible

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This public radio broadcast about egress and the accompanying article from 99% Invisible are both FABULOUS.  Some of the old-fashioned inventions for exiting a building remind me of the “new” school safety and fire escape ideas.

Click here for the recording of the broadcast, or here for the article and the recording link.

Good Egress

Thank you to Martin Badke for sending the link!

One Response to “Good Egress – 99% Invisible”

  1. Joe Hendry says:

    Great article. Hopefully, this type of thinking will rule the day at the NFPA/ASIS active shooter meeting. I have already read one discouraging comment from an ASIS member about people thinking that active shooter will have a quick fix using technology like fire response did. Obviously,this story shows that fire did not have an easy technology solution and that training the building occupants to utilize structure, technology and code change to increase survival was the appropriate route.

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