When I take time off for the holidays, I often leave a crossword puzzle or some other activity in case you decide to check in while I’m away.  This time I’m posting the first of 4 Decoded classes (37 minutes long) for you to check out while things are relatively quiet.  I will likely make some changes to this class and post a final version, but I’d love to get some feedback.  Did I talk too fast?  Too slow?  Did you fall asleep?  Did you learn anything?  Is there something I didn’t explain well?

I have not yet finalized the AIA registration for this on-demand version of the course.  When providing an AIA course using this delivery method, I need to include a test, AIA members need to “pass” the test, and I would have to issue each certificate and report attendance every two weeks.  So I would like to know how many of you are looking for AIA continuing ed credits so I can figure out whether to try to register the on-demand version, or whether an occasional live version would fill the bill.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the reply box below.  This will help me with the final version of this class, and the other 3 classes in the series.  Happy Holidays!  And if you’re looking for more iDH while I’m on break, try the new Random Post button at the top of the right sidebar.  –>

Click here to access the class materials and video.

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