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Sep 10 2015

The Safest School in America?

Category: School SecurityLori @ 12:38 am Comments (18)

What do you think?  Is this the safest school in America? 

For more information about the security system used in this district, here’s another video from the Indiana Sherriff’s Association:

Thank you to Ross Nudelman of Allegion for sharing the Today Show video link.

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18 Responses to “The Safest School in America?”

  1. George Everding says:

    Safe? Indeed not! Where is the concertina wire around the playground? Where are the minefields in the parking lot? And there weren’t any snipers on the roof…

    Seriously, smoke bombs? The automatic lockdown of all the classroom doors and the cameras do make sense, however.

  2. lach says:

    Did they ever say what measures they take to prevent an intruder from getting inside? I wasn’t able to watch the whole video. I know my old high school had safety glass tape on the exterior windows, and a office booth in the vestibule with remote unlocking of the interior doors by electric strikes. That person was behind bulletproof glass as well. Didn’t even let a student in without proper ID and valid reasoning. And that was like even as a freshman back in 2006. I’m thinking that was a good start.

  3. Cda says:


    And the smoke also covers the way to exits and exit signs

  4. Justin says:

    To me this seems like horrible publicity for the school. It is basically saying, “We are the safest school in America, I bet you can’t harm our students.” Sounds like they are challenging a lunatic.

  5. Marcus Muirhead says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. From what I could tell, the smoke doesn’t fill the school, rather, it seems to fill the areas near exits. This may (or may not) confuse the intruder, but since the students know about it, and have drilled with it, they must have figured out a way to egress the facility if need be. I loved the red line, and I love the all-call necklace the teachers have. The remote cctv system is cool, as well. It may not be perfect, but in an emergency I think it would save lives.

  6. Eric T. says:

    $400K. How many bullet-proof doors and electric locks are in the building? I can’t imagine doors and hardware are part of that figure unless it was a TINY school.

    And I agree with Cda about the smoke blocking the exits. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video. The second thing was how safe are those “bombs”? What safety measures are in place to prevent them from discharging between classes when the corridors are filled with students? Talk about mass chaos.

  7. Jack Ostergaard says:

    The red line on the floor is a great idea. Glad they didn’t seem to have barricade devices only locked doors. Wish they had addressed the perimeter security issue. But the smoke! Smoke doesn’t stop bullets. If I’m a fully deranged and heavily armed intruder I just start shooting. Good guys and bad guys can’t tell the difference – just shadows in the smoke. I’m surprised the Sheriff Department bought off on that part.

  8. Cda says:

    Thought it was already in the code :::

    International Fire Code (IFC) strictly prohibits this kind of device:
    o Section 401.5: Any security device or system that emits any medium that could
    obscure a means of egress in any building, structure or premise shall be prohibited. o Section1028.2:Requiredexitaccesses,exitsorexitdischargesshallbecontinuously
    maintained free from obstructions or impediments to full instant use in the case of fire or other emergency when the areas served by such exits are occupied. Security devices affecting means of egress shall be subject to approval of the fire code official.

  9. Cda says:

    Same wording in 2012 IFC

    316.5 Security device.
    Any security device or system that emits any medium that could obscure a means of egress in any building, structure or premise shall be prohibited.

  10. Joe Hendry says:

    Sitting on the floor. Books on the head to stop bullets. Desks turned over. Preparing for an event that has multiple options with single option. Pretending this event only happens one way. No apparent plan to evacuate. Smoke and mirrors.

  11. John Bunzick says:

    So, the fire alarm goes off while the school is in lockdown, presumably because the smoke bombs triggered the smoke detectors. Now what? Students can’t leave, there is a lockdown, but what if there is actually a fire? What if the fire was started by a malfunctioning smoke bomb? What if the police can’t see the intruder when they do come? Seems nuts to me.

  12. Jessica says:

    Hello everyone. First I would like to add that our nations schools are an extremely soft target for mass killing. The security measure at South Western HS in Indiana are a complete integrated system of hardware and software.
    For more info on what is happening in Indiana to change the way our children are protected in schools please visit

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jessica –

      Can you give me any additional information about the “hardened doors” on the pilot school? What type of locking devices are used?

      – Lori

  13. Jessica says:

    Hi Lori,
    I would like to assist you with any questions you may have. Please email me directly at
    Thank you

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