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Aug 26 2015

WW: Not So Fast

Seriously…this Wordless Wednesday photo makes me want to cry.

Threaded Rod

Posted with the permission of Ron Burgess Jr. of the Westport Fire Department (originally posted on the Truck Floor Training Facebook page).


Remember what these thumbnail photos are for?

Bird on Window

8 Responses to “WW: Not So Fast”

  1. Jack Ostergaard says:

    The skill and craftsmanship of the work look to be outstanding. If the level of workmanship only equaled the understanding of how wrong this is.

  2. Joanne G. says:

    Wow, the bolt across the panic bars is really frightening!
    The metal birds, however, are really cute!

  3. Eric says:

    I’m always surprised at the amount of creativity involved with these ‘fixes’.

  4. Marcus Muirhead says:

    Two words: Coconut Grove

  5. Cda says:


  6. Clair E Gunnet Jr AHC says:

    I am surprised no one has responded to the question about what is the significance of Coconut Grove. I am showing my age. I believe this was a nightclub fire in California perhaps in the fifties or sixties where there was a great loss of life due to blocked doors to exit.

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