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Jul 22 2015

WW: Day Care “Egress”

These photos from an Alabama day care center make me nauseous.  Literally.  I’m Wordless.  🙁

Day Care 1

Day Care 2

13 Responses to “WW: Day Care “Egress””

  1. lach says:

    I can’t really comment on this. Other than the fact that I think they want all of the children to die.

  2. Jack Ostergaard says:

    No “instructions” on the two bolts at the top of the door – So even if you followed the clues you still could not get out – assuming you are tall enough to operate the top bolts. Incredible!

  3. Mary Hinton says:

    Wow, just wow. This is insane.

  4. Jim Elder says:

    Someone did report this guys, yes?? Cannot imagine this would pass inspection.

  5. Rich says:

    Would the AHJ in that area have the marbles to walk in, tell them to unlock the doors NOW and call all of the parents to come get your kids, you have one hour to empty the building, and then we will discuss the problem. A little less harsh remedy that would not punish the parents would allow them to unlock the doors NOW, and have the problem fixed before tomorrow morning before the kids can come back. This would be the only warning they would get. Next time, shut down until fixed. The notes about not pushing on the doors, just the bars tells me the sheet metal skins are slipping and the doors themselves need attention too.

  6. Curtis Meskus says:

    and the inspector will be labeled the bad guy by just mentioning issue

  7. Vince Black says:

    Terrible. Just terrible.
    Had something similar recently on two different egress doors. Wouldn’t open at all…Fire Department gave them till 5 p.m. or they were shutting down the building.
    I won’t name the place, but it had a 200 person capacity.

  8. Kent Krauser, AHC,FDAI says:

    When do we as industry professional’s “who know better” call foul? Do we just sit back on our code books and say, “it’s somebody else’s responsibility”? Would you want any child to be exposed to this potential for disaster? Would you rather face the PO’d facility staff or the grieving parents of a child that has severe burns or has died because of this blatant life safety violation? We purport ourselves as “Industry experts” so let’s start resolving some of the terrible situations that are depicted in these photos in lieu of just taking pictures and talking about them. Does somebody need to die before we get actively involved in correcting these death traps?

    I hope not.

  9. Rick Page says:

    We can ooh and ahh at this because we understand the dangers but really we have an opportunity to educate and, sell to a customer who obviously is very fear full of what lurks on the other side of these doors. Anyone who has been in the field for a while has seen this so many times it’s normal if you aren’t in the industry. To those in product design here is a huge opportunity….a reasonably priced urban attack resistant exit device system that even a monkey can install (based on the level of installation expertise shown in the pictures). BTW no there isn’t anything currently on the market that this type of customer will be interested in we are talking inexpensive, bulletproof security that is peel and stick easy to install. Oh and available at your local ACE, Home Depot or Lowes because that’s where they get their hardware. LOL…. Distributors are you listening? Save a life or several go sell don’t wait for them to walk in the door.

  10. Frank Ehrman CPP PSP says:

    Someone needs to be arrested!!

  11. Marcus Muirhead says:

    The reality is that this is likely the work of a maintenance staff person. Most probably, no-one who “knows better” ever saw this until it was done. Most of the professionals I know would never take part in a death trap like this. Fact is, people often don’t know what they don’t know. Any real pro or AHJ would make sure this got changed.

  12. Austin B says:

    This setup looks more like it’s from The Walking Dead than a daycare!

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