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Jun 05 2015

FF: Emergency Exit Alarm

What’s wrong with this Fixed-it Friday photo, sent in by David Seeley of Clark Security Products?  (and scroll down for another question)

Emergency Exit Alarm

One more thing…I could use your help identifying this product.  Anyone know the manufacturer/model number?


24 Responses to “FF: Emergency Exit Alarm”

  1. Cda says:

    Wrong—- Wire glass windows

  2. Austin B says:

    No exit device and more than one motion to open?

  3. Clint says:

    Whats wrong with this picture? Everything!

    1. The door has a dead bolt.
    2. The push to exit is on a door that opens IN.’
    3. The exit device bar swings into the glass, which has obviously been replaced already.
    4. It is an exit door that doesn’t open in the path of travel.
    5. The door itself has exceeded its functional life span as evidenced by the turn buckles and other reinforcements.

  4. John Bange says:

    Night latch, cylindrical lever, and Detex alarmed egress device. Isn’t this just a perfectly normal three-handed exit door? 😉

  5. MIKE says:

    Detex Device is installed on the PULL side of the door.

  6. Jenny Pauley says:

    Doesn’t the fire code to allow for at least 6 things to turn to exit an emergency exit door? I think they should add a couple of surface bolts to the top & bottom of the door – just in case.

  7. David Scott Kenyon says:

    This door is a MESS!! First of all it appears to have a panic device that is a Detex device with a sound enunciator that will go off when the door is opened – granted if possible. There is a thumb turn deadbolt located above the Lever Handle – a NO NO. What is the purpose of the Lever handle Here? I do not see a cylinder so it might be a passage set? The Code for Egress door stipulates only on movement to escape – we seem to be looking at three when we evaluate this door. Then there is the question of the cable and turnbuckle. Since I can not see the entire assembly I am wondering what the heck is its purpose – just another deterrent – blocking the door? Obviously this is at a Starbucks establishment as stated on the door because it has smoke free internet. I just hope you don’t need to escape through this door. It is a serious infraction noteworthy to the Authority having Jurisdiction.

    Lori – Just a head up – I love your Fix It Friday – you continually challenge us – hope i got this one correct. If not what did I miss?

  8. Bob Novak says:

    Door is hinged to pull in but the detex is a push paddle. Can’t identify the bottom picture

  9. Gabe Mares says:

    Looks like there is a thumb turn deadlock under the exit alarm that may interfere with function.
    But none of this will work very well if the door swings in instead of out.

    The door stop holder combo…..I have no clue who makes this.

  10. Andy Armstrong says:

    Exit alarm on an inswing door!

  11. Don Cherry says:

    Man, between three (sort’a four if the holdback on that night latch works), and then pulling instead of pushing on this inswing door, you are BOUND to spill your coffee or drop your scone…

  12. Travis says:

    It has to be the steel rod and turn buckle holding the door square so that you don’t have any latch bind on the 3 different devices securing the door….Dooohhh!

  13. Gary says:

    The floor stop is made by KWS and is model 1010. See this site:

  14. Jeffrey Rapp says:

    Door can swing in with under 50 occupants. Correct?

    • Lori says:

      Yes, but the alarm device is designed to release when you push it, as you would for an outswinging door.

  15. Terry Crump says:

    But if it’s true that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, then there can never be a fire because the sign says “Starbucks is a smoke-free environment”

  16. Terry Crump says:

    Also, is the “Warning!” sign doing any good if it can only be read AFTER the door has been broken into?

  17. Cda says:

    How was Ohio ?

    • Lori says:

      I think it went well but we won’t know until July. I’m on my way home now – currently in Baltimore.

  18. Ken Grayling says:

    Alarm Lock also did a Series 11 – IS (Inswing) for the same application. How you knew to push then pull the paddle is anyone’s guess

  19. Scott Raymond says:

    Lori: I think you’re missing an excellent educational opportunity here … you’re providing a great service with this ‘humorous’ column. Why not make these articles available in PDF format for downloading and printing?

    Many of these would make outstanding training pieces/handouts for installers, Architects, Engineers and Contractors. The great responses from your educated readers give us a variety of viewpoints and improve our critical observation skills.

    Just food for thought. In the meantime, keep up the great work!

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Scott –

      Any of the posts on my blog can be printed, or saved as a PDF if you have the software to print to PDF. Most of my articles that have been published in trade journals (over 60 articles) have a downloadable PDF and are all linked on my Articles page. I don’t currently have the ability to format each post into a printable PDF – I’m a 1-woman show. 🙂

      – Lori

  20. DAVID F. says:

    AGAIN just plain Stupidity…. this is again a do it yourself save some bucks attempt .. Wait till it gets inspected… my motto for my business is… If you think hiring a PROFESSIONAL is expensive… Wait till you hire an AMATEUR.. food for thought .. lets be professionals

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