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May 08 2015

FF: Viral Door Problems

Category: Doors Gone Wrong,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:16 pm Comments (5)

I love when door-related issues go viral, and “regular” people focus on doors for a change.  Unfortunately, it usually takes a broken door to make people notice.  Just in time for Fixed-it Friday, here’s one from the Milwaukee Brewers blog, about when Bob Uecker and his crew got stuck in the radio booth during a game (click the photo to visit their blog).


And this broken door from Germany turned into a meme that was viewed by millions of people around the world.  The whole story is on Buzzfeed, and there’s even a video (at the bottom of the Buzzfeed page) that shows the door being repaired.


Have you seen any good viral door videos lately?

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5 Responses to “FF: Viral Door Problems”

  1. Fred Collier says:

    Looks like a Schlage L-Lock prep??

  2. Kent Krauser, AHC,FDAI says:



  3. Terry Crump says:

    Lori’s off the hook on this one–it’s not a Schlage. Those diagonal mounting holes are opposite from a Schlage. But that’s the way baseball go for the Brewers this season.

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