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May 29 2015

FF: Rubber Band Repair

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 12:34 am Comments (11)

What problem is being solved by this creative Fixed-it Friday modification?

Rubber Band Security

Thank you to Thomas Chin of VAS Door & Hardware for the photo!

11 Responses to “FF: Rubber Band Repair”

  1. MJOHN says:

    Looks like a broken spring box on the inside lever is being remedied by the rubber band to allow it to return. So instead of ‘spring return’ we have ‘bungee-effect return’ (Hey, at least it seems to be latching.)

  2. Jeff Tock says:

    It could be the spring cage was installed backwards. That will make it sag.

  3. John Bange says:

    A good percentage of the calls I get working at an all IR/Allegion hardware hospital are “door does not lock”, and it’s invariably because of a broken spring cage. The die cast body of the spring cage is something of a weak point.

  4. Paul Senne says:

    Or the spring cage was never installed in the first place-that happens a lot with Schlage L9000 mortise locks. The directions are always followed 😉

  5. Jenny Pauley says:

    Looks like the folks that repaired the closer with the bungee cords were calling in to repair this lock.

  6. Jason says:

    Duct Tape Fixes All!!!!

  7. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    I am always amused by the spring cage being installed on the fixed outside lever of a storeroom function lock. Then the dummy spacer gets put on the inside. Scary how often I get that call.
    So if this is the “CORRECT” fix, I will send them this picture.
    It has to be trued, it is on the internet!!!

  8. Eric says:

    Limp lever syndrome??

  9. TOM CHIN says:

    This was done to maintain security in keeping the door locked until the mechanic returns with the replacement spring cage. It is a college and gets a lot of constant abuse.
    Thank you for all your comments!

  10. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Nothing a little Viagra wouldn’t fix. Just kidding. Maybe they could see Alice. Again kidding, all a play on Eric’s post.

  11. Jack says:

    Looks to be missing a 6 dollar part – SCHLAGE L283-040 SPRING CAGE, but hay the Rubber bands where cheaper!! O_O

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