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Apr 10 2015

FF: Fire Code Fines

Category: FDAI,Fire Doors,Fixed-it Friday,News,VideosLori @ 12:20 am Comments (2)

This news report is a great Fixed-it Friday example of how the city of Barrie, Ontario is going to fix their fire code violations – by giving fire inspectors the ability to hand out tickets for violations on the spot.  The fine for propping open fire doors?  $350 each!

Wedged Door

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2 Responses to “FF: Fire Code Fines”

  1. Bryan McKeehan says:

    I’d love to see that here in Spokane, WA. I can’t finish a school install and be away for more than a few days before someone installs kick-down holders on the doors with closers, fire rated doors or not.

  2. Martin Badke aka lauxmyth says:

    Interesting idea. I am guessing they had to swear in the inspectors as peace officers to issue such tickets. But why not? We do this for parking tickets and they are arguably as important as keeping fire doors working. And a few tickets to the building managers and owners and you know it would be monitored and enforced.

    (Video would not play on this side of my work firewall, so ask understanding if the video answered any of this.)

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