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Mar 13 2015

FF: Cut Once

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 8:55 am Comments (13)

Today’s Fixed-it Friday photo was sent to me by Jeff Tock and Joan Yewell of Allegion.  The story I heard was that the contractor didn’t know how to remove the lock, and this was how he addressed the problem.  It’s unfortunate, since the door was supposed to be reused!

Cut Once - Lock

13 Responses to “FF: Cut Once”

  1. Jack Ostergaard says:

    And they used a drill to get the core out?

  2. Steve says:

    That’s one way to upsell…

    “I guess we’ll need to sell you a new wood door now too!”

  3. Bill Liberty says:

    Seen the same situation happen in my Building, (2500 doors), and even condoned it. When doing a large construction project here, the demo is often handled by a hazardous material contractor. We may or may not have 1 or 2 days to remove what we want to save. In that case I have asked the contractor to at least sawzall the locks out of the door. I can always use it somewhere else. I have one sitting under my desk.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Bill –

      Thank you for sharing your insight! If the door wasn’t supposed to be reused, it would actually make sense to cut the lock out…at least you’d have all of the pieces and parts.

      – Lori

  4. Bill Liberty says:

    More often than not the demo guys are hard working, no finesse, bulls. I respect these workers very much. In 2006 we had a huge demo job and they threw away a $10000 Brass clad Gyrotec header that was not on the demo plan.”In the way, throw it away.” These workers are often in a containment and not overly supervised. Once its zipped up, we are out.

    • Lori says:

      I could never be a demo guy, or you’d see me on an episode of Hoarders. I’ve got my eye on some old Von Duprin crossbar devices that are being replaced. My bathroom needs some new towel bars. 🙂

  5. Eric says:

    Perhaps the new hole in the existing door can accommodate a unit lock. ; )

  6. Rich says:

    Here at the University, we get this all the time. It is a fast easy way to get the complete lock and we have the contractor mark the slab piece with building and room number. We can then update our lock database in a free moment so that wrong keys don’t get issued later to a lock that is not there. If doors are going to be reused, we tell them we need to harvest the lock cylinders at the start of the project. They are then forced to have our shop reinstall them correctly and we keep the database intact. With something around 45000 locking doors, it is the only control we have.

  7. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    A few days ago, I got a call from a contractor trying to remove some commercial hardware that he wanted to reuse as he was replacing the door.
    Question #1 was: Where are screws to remove this deadbolt? It was keyed both sides and he could not find them.
    About 10 minutes after I walked him through snapping off the inside cylinder faceplate to get to the screws, I got a picture of the lockset sent to me. It was an AL series lock.
    He had gotten inside handle and rose off and had removed the through bolts, but still could not get the lock to come apart. I must admit, myself and a couple of other guys here that I showed this to did get a good chuckle at his expense. But I did call him and walked him through removing the castle nut.
    Commercial hardware can be tough to work with if you are not familiar with it. The poor guy spent almost an entire hour just removing a deadbolt and lockset.

  8. Jim Hooker says:

    I think Falcon’s RU lock will fit in that new door prep!

  9. RB Sontag says:

    And the Contractor said, “I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years”!!

  10. Lapointe says:

    This doesn’t surprise me.

    But I’m surprised these accessability hook handles haven’t been reviewed for being extremely easy to open with a Slim Jim from under the door.

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