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Jul 16 2014

WW: Fan Club

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 9:49 am Comments (3)

This is a marked exit from a dry cleaner’s.  The photo was posted on the Truck Floor Training page on Facebook – a group for firefighter training.  It’s interesting to look at this door from both perspectives…they mentioned forcing the door to enter and finding this, while I was thinking about the egress issue.  Either way, it’s a problem!

Fans in Exit

Thank you to AJ Lopez for letting me post the photo for Wordless Wednesday!

3 Responses to “WW: Fan Club”

  1. David R. DeFilippo says:

    I wonder what is behind door No. 2? I would assume in a fire, the smoke being sucked out by the fans would kill you before exiting.

  2. Dwight Isaacs says:

    This is a death trap. Where’s an inspector when you need them? I also what wonderful liquid they are draining into the street through the drain at the bottom of the door!

  3. Carson says:

    I’ve also seen this on some schools. The exterior door can lock, the interior piece is actually on a hinge and can swing open. They have used it to prevent bugs and increase the ventilation in some older school buildings.

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