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Jul 02 2014

WW: Duct Tape

I received this photo from Chuck Noble of Certified Fire Door, and it is the epitome of Wordless Wednesday

Duct Tape

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18 Responses to “WW: Duct Tape”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    It would take much heat to trigger those fusible link hold-opens.

  2. Lee Francisco says:

    Looks like there’s an overlapping astragal on the LHR leaf without a coordinator.

  3. David R. DeFilippo says:

    Another interesting use of duct tape LOL

  4. Andy Lindenberg says:

    I wonder if they know how to use the Sentronic closer/holders?

  5. Chris Vanasdalan says:

    Oh dear. I sure hope that’s not a hospital. It won’t look too good when a patient gets cracked by the door when that duct tape fails.

  6. Bryan McKeehan says:

    The arms are missing, this could be their version of “door control” or perhaps it is an “in progress” retrofit and the installer went home for the day. Left the arms off waiting for the electrician to make his connections, and taped the doors back to “control” them.

  7. Bryan McKeehan says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye! Why can we see the barrels of the hinges, given the angle of the shot, they should not be visible, what am I missing? I know the wide angle lens created some perspective issues but it also looks like a pair of 3-0 doors in a 5-8 opening.

  8. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Looks like a WIP… I see instructional stickers on the bars still…


  9. Joel Niemi says:

    Door frames being repainted, and this was painters’ way to keep doors from touching the wet paint?

  10. Joel Niemi says:

    Two possibilities:

    1. Painters wanted to keep doors open and out of contact with fresh (re)paint on the frames.

    2. Makes it harder for a door user to impact the wired glass in the vision panels.

  11. Dan Poehler says:

    It truly makes you wonder about the facilities management who make decisions such as this. This was probably an idea borrowed from construction prior to the CO.

  12. David Barbaree says:

    I agree with Bryan and Sam. This is an incomplete installation. Same question as Lee regarding a coordinator. I’m not a fan of the astragals on fire doors. It’s difficult to keep coordinators working right.
    I’m not sure I get the fire bolt though. Is there such a thing as an internal vertical rod, less bottom rod? If it’s a full internal vertical rod, then why does it need a fire bolt?
    There are many words on this WW.

    • Lori says:

      There are concealed vertical rods with no bottom rod/latch, so I’m guessing that’s what these are.

  13. Bryan McKeehan says:

    I saw those stickers as well, thought the same thing. After a second look at the hinges I agree, swing clears and what I mistook as the barrels are actually the bends in the hinges that create the “swing clear” pivot location.

  14. Richard says:

    The doors work perfectly fine, so well that they are an anchor point. The duct tape is to secure the walls, so that they dont fall over? (It was a long shot)

  15. Drew says:

    Wouldn’t be talking about this if they would of used Won Door Horizontal Sliding Doors. Door is stored out of site till fire alarm goes off.

  16. Eric Rieckers says:

    You know you’re a redneck if….

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