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May 28 2014

WW: Grocery Store Egress

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Grocery Store Egress Route

In addition to the blocked egress path I see a security bar with a padlock and hasp, the original lockset, and an exit alarm, presumably requiring at least 3 operations to unlatch the door.  And possibly a key.  And a detailed map to find your way to the door.

Grocery Store Exit

Thank you to LADSCO for the photos!

2 Responses to “WW: Grocery Store Egress”

  1. Chuck says:

    If there was an emergency, I think I’d just drive the forklift through the roll-up door!

  2. Joel Niemi says:

    Not to mention the mop handle.

    I’m surprised there isn’t a stack of empty wood pallets there, to provide a fuel source for illuminating the exit.

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