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Apr 09 2014

WW: Restaurant Exit

This illustrates why I disagree with “bending the rules” to allow non-code-compliant security devices to be used “after-hours.”  When the fire marshal agrees to something like this, the compromise would typically come with a qualifier that the device has to be removed while the building is occupied.  But people tend to forget, and the next thing you know the building is full of people and the emergency exits are not available for free egress.  And what about the potential for firefighters to be delayed or trapped by an unfamiliar security device?  This one is in Texas, so I’m sure we can get some feedback from one of my fire inspector friends on how things are done in the Lone Star State.

Restaurant Exit Door

Thank you to Dave Carter of Allegion for the photo!

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  1. Kevin Wiley says:

    Just because they are commercially made DOES NOT mean they are code compliant. Cube adapters and unfused power strips have been available for years but they are not allowed by the IFC and the National Electrical Code. Power strips are to be plugged directly into a permanently installed receptacle but how did the phrase “Daisey Chain” come about with multiple power strips plugged into each other. We as code officials need to be vigilant and not allow non-code-compliant devices. If that makes me the bad guy….I have very big shoulders!!! Stay safe everybody.

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