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Feb 12 2014

WW: Service Call

“What seems to be the problem?  Oh.”

Wrong Hand Again

Thank you to my friends at New England Door Closer for the photo!

12 Responses to “WW: Service Call”

  1. Alan says:

    Big Oooooops !!!!!!

  2. Rich says:

    How does one actually make something like that work with only half of the device backward? (notice the push bar part is not by the end with the head) I also wonder what the black oval is and what the little label by the camera flash says.

  3. dbishton says:

    What are the odds there are flush bolts on the right hand door?

  4. Brenda Glaser says:

    Looks sort of like an old lockset with a tall escutcheon may have been on the inactive door & it now has a flushbolt. Question is why the exit device is there.

  5. Vince Black says:

    I just cannot even imagine how long that has been that way.

    Perhaps There was:

    a mortise exit device at one time?
    automatic flush bolts?…(but no evidence of a coordinator)

    From what I see it doesn’t appear the RH door ever had a SVR installed.

    Maybe it was someones idea of a retrofit from Concealed vertical rods?

    but the best guess is manual flush bolts on the door edge and someone put the exit device on the “same” way as the other one for appearances sake?

    This makes me laugh and warms my heart at the same time….the things you see in any given day.

  6. David Moyer says:

    Besides the panic hardware issue, the door closer arms aren’t adjusted properly either!

  7. Lee Francisco says:

    Besides the fact that the panic is installed incorrectly on the RH leaf does anyone notice what else is wrong with it? It has to do with the touchpad…

  8. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    Yes, I see it Lee. How funny.
    Push pad is on left side of device, not on head side. I can’t see any way that can even go in & out.

  9. Lee Francisco says:

    Not only is it installed in the wrong direction but the active portion of the push pad isn’t big enough! The active portion must be half the width of the door. Doesn’t even look to be a third of the width of the door. A very unusual exit device installed in a very unusual manner.

  10. baruch menache says:

    There originally was a mortise panic on the “inactive door” for whatever reason they decided to switch to an inactive and put flush bolts, about the mortise prep, hence the push plate, what about a nice mortise panic device, well you cant cut a hole in the panel, and you can use it as a helpful pushing object so they flipped it so it can be mounted on the rail. (and the other end is sitting a little on the push plate, if you did it the other way you must mount it on the push plate).

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