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Nov 01 2013

FF: Custom Latch Prevention

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 11:56 am Comments (4)

Depending on where this door is located, this creative solution either creates a security breach, or indicates that the wrong lock function was specified.  Thanks to Greg Koers of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies for sharing!

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4 Responses to “FF: Custom Latch Prevention”

  1. nitramnaed says:

    Must be under construction because that’s very detailed carpentry work!

  2. Eric Hirning says:

    Creative for sure. Hopefully, not a fire door and just a temporary “fix”.

  3. Sam Maglitto says:

    I must say that is the most elaborate “Anti-Latching” measure I have witnessed. As you stated obviously due to inappropriate specification, and being used at the sacrifice of other features that the door itself would normally provide like Acoustics, Fire & Smoke prevention if applicable. The client needs to address the issue which is inappropriate hardware settings, possibly a store room setting instead of a variable locking mode, if He had an IR Legge 990 Mortice lock the multi-function aspect would make it a quick and cheap fix…
    Interesting nevertheless.
    Thanks again…

  4. Robert says:

    I have to think this is done for a major reason _ SMOKING AREA JUST OUTSIDE THIS SECURITY DOOR _ this can be used for the internal security as it is EXIT only door to stairwell my guess from what I see. Welded edge, threshold and sweep. I also play the lottery too and no I don’t smoke but I have seen a few door wedges. Thanks

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