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Jun 12 2013

WW: Powerbolts

This opening is secured by power bolts, which are released via the wall switch.  The panic hardware is just for show…there’s no way for the devices to latch without a mullion.  🙁



7 Responses to “WW: Powerbolts”

  1. B says:

    I am guessing not in the US…but that does not mean it could not happen here.
    Are power bolts specifically listed within either IBC or NFPA?
    We try to avoid them at all costs, those and shear locks.

    • Lori says:

      No, it’s not in the US, but it definitely happens here too. In my opinion, the requirements for Access Controlled Egress Doors would apply to power bolts, but I don’t use them because of the possibility of binding due to side-loading, and also the tight tolerances causing alignment issues.

  2. Cda says:

    Ok I give up what is a power bolt??

    Cypher pad ?

    • Lori says:

      A powerbolt is an electronic lock that mounts in the frame rabbet and projects into a strike on the door edge. The problem with this type of lock is that if the bolt is projected and someone pushes on the door causing sideload pressure, the bolt may not have enough strength to retract, so the door will not unlock. The alignment of the bolt and strike is critical, so it becomes a problem if the door sags or anything shifts. I might use one for a cabinet, but that’s about it.

  3. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Power bolts…. Ugh…. Dont care for them.

    Exits should at least be upgraded with retro RTE switch kits since the door signage says ” Push to open” دفع إلى فتح

  4. H. M. Kang says:

    My guessing is…it is electric exit device related with electric bolt. It still looks strange without mullion but what do you think?

    • Lori says:

      The person who sent me the photo told me that the panic devices aren’t wired to release the powerbolts, and that you have to press the switch on the wall to exit.

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