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Oct 26 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

Category: Beautiful Doors,Glass,Panic HardwareLori @ 1:03 am Comments (6)

My trip to CoNEXTions 2012 in Las Vegas last week was a whirlwind!  There were so many people that I didn’t have a chance to catch up with – I don’t know if I can wait until CoNEXTions 2014 in Dallas!

The day I was heading home, I got up early (at least by Las Vegas standards) and took some door photos inside the MGM Grand Hotel.  At one point a lady wearing a hotel staff badge came running after me and I thought I was finally going to get busted for taking door photos.  She was actually trying to convince me to let her take my photo in front of this wall (see the door?):

There were lots of other glass doors at the MGM.  Here’s a giant glass slider with 2 pulls:

And another glass slider on the entrance to the Kaa retail store (love the track and hangers!):

I’m not a fan of the pulls on the glass doors leading to the Kaa theater – I don’t like the contrast with the Blumcraft panics (or the key cylinders on each door), but I do like the ones on a retail clothing store:


There ware some other interesting pulls.  I think these first ones were actually from New York, New York.  They were near the Statue of Liberty made from jelly beans.

These were on the Rolex store (I thought about shopping for a souvenir but they were closed):

I didn’t like the pulls on the main entrance doors of the MGM Grand, do you?

There were A LOT of curved doors:


I never saw a wedding taking place, but the wedding chapel had curved doors (and I DID see Elvis):

Some tall curved doors:


Another tall door, but this one pivots from the center:

There were plenty of brass/bronze doors and gates:

These are a little bit fancy for my taste, but the panics fit well.  I just hope they don’t have to replace any!

Here are some other fancy doors on the Hollywood Theater:

I don’t remember seeing exit signs installed like this before.  Anyone know if this is acceptable/required?

I wonder if the security guard training manual included the procedure for clearing the obstructions from the exit during an emergency:

Have a great weekend everyone!

6 Responses to “Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. Nick says:

    TIXE signage. I’ve seen alot of these in the last few weeks where they spec or install the wrong exit sign. It’s sort of “meh” as a code deficiency, but near a transparent door I’d say they need to cover up the back side. For sure it’s deficient when the sign should have been two way.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Nick –

      Speaking of exit signs, I remembered that there was a bank of doors where I had a question about the exit sign. I just added the photos to the blog post – they’re at the very end before the photo of the security guard. Any insight?

      – Lori

  2. Jess says:


    lovely door pictures of the tall and even the curved doors, first time i have seen a curved door, looks like you had a ball at the Conextions event,

    now as for the floor closers, most of the doors have a popular brand beginning with R under them, the one pair has the brand starting with D,

    tip: when using a floor closer under a curved door, and depending on the degree of curve of the door, the “dead stop” (max. opening angle the closer can reach, which is set at the factory) may not be the same angle the door will reach to clear the pull/panic out of the way of the opening. example of this is if the closer’s dead stop is 90, the maximum door opening width will be slightly less due to contour of the door, best to specify a closer with a greater degree of dead stop (105º)

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  3. Liz O'Sullivan says:

    Wow. Gorgeous. I guess I should go to Vegas sometime in my life, after all.

  4. TylerNes says:

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