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Jun 27 2012

WW: 15 Minutes to Freedom

If you don’t know why this sign leaves me wordless, read this post.

Thank you to Brendan Daley of Surveillance Specialties for making my day.

10 Responses to “WW: 15 Minutes to Freedom”

  1. Joel Niemi says:

    I “second” your wordlessness!

  2. Brian Rhodes says:

    That’s not ‘Delayed Egress’… That qualifies as ‘Postponed Egress’!

  3. Jim McDonald says:

    What’s that smell (burning flesh)?

  4. Nolan says:

    OK. Today I saw a pair SVR x mortise with a coordinator and an open back strike.

  5. Liz Lenox says:

    That’s awesome, and the best part is that no one but us door hardware geeks (or Goddesses in our cases) would even know there’s anything wrong with that sign!

  6. Dave Boehning says:

    Just enough time to save on your life insurance.

  7. Dave Bishton says:

    Minutes, seconds, who’s counting? Hopefully this didn’t make it past final inspection.

  8. Brendan Daley says:

    The sign is now on my office door, and it makes me smile every time I walk past it and what makes me even happier is the fact that our tech told the building owner he would not power up the doors until the signs were changed.

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