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Mar 12 2012

More Reader Photos

These ALL came from Jeff Tock, one of our national trainers who spends most weeks traveling around conducting classes and sees a lot of doors in the process.  Jeff will be here in New England in a few weeks conducting the “Preparing for a Fire Door Inspection” class for facilities.  If you work for a hospital, school, university, or other type of facility in the area and want to make sure that you’re prepared, let me know and I’ll put you on the invitation list.







Thanks Jeff!

2 Responses to “More Reader Photos”

  1. tony santo says:

    looks like nyc alright, rules,rules,rules, and no one to enforce them.

  2. Charles Pearce says:

    Lori, I would love to get on your “Invite” list. I’m a Facilities
    Supervisor in one of the larger hospitals in Maryland and would love for myself and one of my guys to attend one of these classes. I LOVE your site and archive most of the e-mails I receive from you for future references. You are a wealth of knowledge and have helped me quite a few times. Thanks.


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