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Jul 08 2011

Lexington, Virginia

Category: Hinges & Pivots,Locks & Keys,Road TripsLori @ 2:01 pm Comments (5)

We only spent a brief segment of our road trip in Lexington, but it was long enough to spot a couple of doors of interest.  Our hotel was originally a single family residence and it’s on the Register of Historic Places.  We checked in pretty late at night but I immediately noticed the mess they had made of the lock on their front door.  Creative, yes…purty, no.

What’s that thing on the left???

A mag catch?!?!  Yuck!

And is that what I think it is inside of the lock case?  Yup – a rim deadlatch.

Here are a couple other interesting pieces I saw in the historic residence:


We also drove by a church that had some beautiful doors…I went inside and I found this really cool spring hinge on the interior door, and the beautiful cast hinge on the exterior door:


5 Responses to “Lexington, Virginia”

  1. B. Holt says:

    Like that scroll work on the old hinge. Just don’t see that kind of art in modern work.

  2. Nabil Hanna AHC says:

    Rocky Mountain or Baldwin can solve many problems as they can preserve the same historical spirit

  3. Scott Tice says:

    Keep the photos coming. Love it!!!

  4. Peter Morenstein says:

    1. we make hinges like that all the time
    2. cirecast does that too
    3. isn’t that an eletric latch? nice installation!
    4. send more pictures

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