We’re on the last leg of our road trip and will be home today, so here’s a quick post to tide you over.  I have lots more photos to share and the fact that they won’t be chronologically presented offends my orderly side, but so be it.

Yesterday we were in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and we had lunch at one of the most popular restaurants in town.  They are using their bathroom/egress corridor for storage, which impedes the means of egress and also impairs wheelchair access to the restrooms.

We also stopped at a local attraction that claims to have more annual visitors than the White House, and I saw this blocked exit in a very public assembly area:

I’ve emailed both the restaurant and the facility and will let you know if I hear back.  While I was writing the emails I was thinking about how I’m just one person and writing to each facility where I see an issue isn’t going to save the world (this restaurant never responded), but on the other hand, what if I didn’t say something and there was a problem later?  And thanks to social media, others can learn from what I see, and maybe even become one of the minions.  🙂

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