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Jun 24 2011

Chinese Restaurant Egress

Category: Doors Gone Wrong,EgressLori @ 12:06 am Comments (3)

I first saw this door a few weeks ago but I was late for a meeting, so I hunted it down again.  It’s the rear exit from a Chinese restaurant – I didn’t go inside to check out the situation, but even if it’s just an exit from the kitchen it still doesn’t meet the requirements for single operation egress.

3 Responses to “Chinese Restaurant Egress”

  1. Cda says:

    Plus the inside door may be a problem depending on occupant load

    But also is this the kitchen door??????

    • Lori says:

      The screen door on the inside could be an egress problem if the door is serving the dining area and the load is over 50…I didn’t go inside, but I’m guessing that it’s the kitchen door so maybe it doesn’t serve the restaurant – just the kitchen. What would you do if you were driving down the street and saw this? Would you go check it out?

  2. John Bunzick says:

    And, four bolts are not necessarily stronger than one, IF the door is selected properly. Should probably be a HM commercial security door. The screen door may be required by health codes to prevent insects from entering the kitchen. I’ve seen this before. If the door is only for kitchen staff, in-swinging should not be an issue.

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