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Apr 14 2011

Reader Photos – 2 of 2

Category: Doors Gone Wrong,Fire Doors,VideosLori @ 11:57 pm Comments (4)

Here’s the second batch of reader photos.  My emailbox is empty now.  Not.

From Steve Poe of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a hospital pair that was wrong from the start.  The gravity coordinator doesn’t work, which is why they want people to use the lever handle.

From Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions, some photos of fire door problems from his recent trip to Las Vegas.  Can you pick out any deficiencies?

From Peter Bertoncini of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a reminder about why we shouldn’t specify a floor stop with a drip/sweep, and a freaky but cool door pull.

And last but not least, another door-related commercial blooper sent in by Charlie Hobbs.  You have to REALLY be watching carefully to notice it, but the pair of doors shown in the beginning of the commercial are a double egress pair, and the giant ball of red tape comes rolling through a standard pair.  I’m going to Hollywood (to be a door consultant for TV…I’m too old to be on American Idol).

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4 Responses to “Reader Photos – 2 of 2”

  1. B. Holt says:

    The ‘handshake’ hardware is wickedly cool but I think it would give me pause to see it in the specs.

  2. Doro says:

    The door pull rocks!!!

    Besides, I LOVE the look of old brass!

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