The kids’ spring break begins tomorrow, so I’ve got my earplugs packed (literally) and we’re headed south on another road trip.  We’re planning to stop in DC Sunday morning to burn some energy and so I can check on the United States Institute of Peace.  I wrote the hardware spec quite a few years ago and the building is almost complete.  I’ll have to go incognito, so nobody comes after me for help with the punch list.

If you know of any must-see doors along route 95, let me know!

I’ll be heading out on another (shorter) road trip on May 10th, when I travel to NYC to do a presentation for the New York chapter of DHI on social media / professional networking.  After seeing the meeting notice I’m not sure I can live up to the hype, but I’ll give it my best shot! At least I won’t need my earplugs for that trip. 🙂

I hope to see some of you there!
Cartoon posted with permission from Doug Savage.

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