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Dec 17 2010

Reader Photos

Category: Egress,Fire Doors,Reader PhotosLori @ 1:06 am Comments (1)

I’m in the mood to clean house (figuratively speaking only), so here’s the latest collection of reader photos to hit my inbox.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send them.  More, please.  🙂

These are from Nolan Thrope of the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies office in New York City (hover to read the caption, click to enlarge):

Posted on Twitter by @LocDocInc…a creative closer installation that was NOT installed by LocDoc personnel (click photo to go to original image):

Posted on Twitter by @LukeLim, a fire-rated door with applied wood on the face, and the effects on the invisible hinges which were not designed for the additional weight:

The wood cladding reminded of this detail of a brick-clad hollow metal door, sent in by someone who shall remain nameless.  I’ve seen a lot of things adhered to the face of a door, but never full-sized brick.

These were sent to me by Darren Patton of Isenhour Door:

And finally, from Andy Olson of Reliable Glass & Door…taken on a weekend trip to NYC:

Thanks again, everyone!!

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One Response to “Reader Photos”

  1. Jess says:

    hey again Lori,

    nice photos here,

    large swing hinges+rail track style closer arm install=problems because of door angles and travel of door closer arm in the rail

    good thing they make them extra long arms, I once seen a closer take it’s own door frame apart due to an install error and lengthening the arm didn’t help. I wish the non-ir product had the option of installing longer arms, would have saved the (steelcraft?)frame

    the invisable worn out hinge, that is a SOSS hinge, great for aesthetic reasons (no barrels of hinges shown) but yea, not to be applied on heavy doors,

    closer with weird arm install, sounds to me either 2 things happened to cause that custom DIY made arm to be put on, either the installer broke the top pivot (hidden under that cap on top of closer) or he thought he was installing a left hand closer on a right hand door, (this closer IS NOT a handed closer, what you are seeing is a universal closer with an arm going to lower pivot.

    the brown closer on commercial door, locksmiths and door guys, just because it has an arm, that don’t mean it’s a commercial duty closer, this shown is NOT a heavy duty closer and is ONLY intended to be used for lets say the bathroom or garage door of A RESIDENCE. and are amde of aluminum alloy, not cast iron.

    commercial door with no glass, maybe owner figures it will act as a gate without installing a real gate yet……..who knows or just didn’t get a glass man out to put new pane of glass in the door.

    I love looking at reader photos, especially door closers, if there’s a will there’s a way and when people cant figure it out or dont read the install instructions, people become creative with the device and either create trouble or a new way of installing them.

    -Jess the door(closer)doctor

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