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May 21 2010

Tiny Closer

Category: Door Closers,Funky Applications,VideosLori @ 8:43 am Comments (2)

I think these are about the tiniest closers I’ve ever seen.  One was obviously not enough to get the bathroom door closed, so another one was added.  The door still wouldn’t close, so the closer was flipped around and mounted the opposite way.  The door STILL wouldn’t close, AND the sound of the closers was horrendous!  (video evidence below)

Most health codes used to inspect food service establishments require self-closing doors on restaurant bathrooms, so these doors are probably not code-compliant.

Tiny Closer 3 Tiny Closer 1 Tiny Closer 2

2 Responses to “Tiny Closer”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    It looks more like a spring hinge than a closer. I’m guessing that you wind up that center hub and screw the arm into a threaded hole. If that’s the case, couldn’t they wind it up just a little more?

  2. Jess says:

    I can say, NO those aren’t code complaint, and no thy are not rated for any commercial use or fire door (eeks what a nightmare if this is a fire rated door!)

    these are a cousin to the spring hinge, basically a “snap shut” type closer. (not controlled closing like that from a standard closer (arm type or pneumatic screen door type)

    I took a listen to the video, the sounds that those things make is the spring rubbing inside. their spring is like a heavy duty slinky toy, but on a thicker scale, pretty much like that exercise machine called the thigh master and being there’s no oil to lubricate the spring and stop the noise, and it being mounted on a wood surface, sound is amplified and in that video is what you hear.

    I HAVE seen EVEN SMALLER closers, a few that were in a bank at the teller line, in a box between the teller and the customer (yea, high security, had 1 inch thick glass and this clear box) i went in with my mom once (bad area of my city) and when it was our turn, first thing i notice was this clear box with these 2 little tiny arm type closers inside (will not reveal the brand of them here, they are not rated for any fire door use, and are not an IR product) they are rated for doors up to 35 lbs (screen doors, or hollow core doors) a solid core (looks like to me) bathroom door of a restaurant is too much for a spring closer like this to handle, even though these are adjustable but they are about at strongest the equivalent of an ANSI size 2 hyd. closer

    dimensions were about 3 inches tall by 1 3/4 in diameter (yes, rotary type closer with an arm like found on hydraulic closers)

    if you go to the place often, can you maybe suggest they get a hydraulic one installed?? or least drop a hint to the manager with maybe a printout of the LCN 1260 (the light duty cast iron one) if they want door to shut but not have this big box type up there.

    (nice golden wood grain look of the door!) good luck and hope the code violation gets fixed or they get a better closer for the application seen.

    -Jess the door(closer)doctor

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