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Mar 27 2010


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As I’ve said before, I often look at my stats and see how people arrived at my blog.  I see a lot of people searching for information about fire door inspection and other information about fire doors, when to use panic hardware and various egress questions, and plenty of accessibility questions.  Sometimes people arrive searching for something a little different, so I thought it would be fun to share these requests on occasion.

I saw this one today from Guam:

my cat leaves the door open. is there a door closure i can use

I love that when Google led them to my home page, this person clicked on the Help tab and then typed “cat” in the search box.  I feel bad that I don’t have any info on my site about cat door closers.  Hopefully the post about cat killers didn’t traumatize the visitor.

This one came in a while ago:

beware of bathrooms

and I’m happy to say that there are plenty of posts here about bathrooms, though I’m not sure I want to know why someone would need to “beware” (hopefully it’s a Zombieland reference and not something scarier).  In case you missed any of the bathroom posts or just want to revisit some of them, here are they are – all 11 of them!

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3 Responses to “Stats”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    The person who searched “beware of bathrooms” was probably looking for things related to the movie “Zombieland”

    • Lori says:

      Hi Bob –
      I think you’re right about Zombieland! I’m so out of the loop on that stuff…all the movies I go to are rated G! Thanks for the tip!
      – Lori

  2. cda says:

    The Staircase Group
    Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
    This painting is said to have fooled George Washington, who said hello as he passed two boys on a staircase. Except, of course, the boys weren’t there, and neither was the staircase. The painting does protrude at the bottom with what appears to be the first step. “It’s the first instance of trompe l’oeil moving over to the New World,” Bruce says. 215-763-8100;

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