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Dec 08 2009

Falcon 8200 Series Auto Operator

Category: Automatic Operators,VideosLori @ 9:54 pm Comments (1)

It seems like I should know all about myself now that I’m in my (early!) 40’s, but I recently learned that the way I learn best is from a live demonstration or a video.  As soon as I start trying to read about something, my mind is off in a hundred directions, but put the same information in a video and I’m right there.

I’ve been meaning to do a post about the Falcon 8200 automatic operator, and I just realized that there is a video about it!  So if you’re a visual learner like me, here’s an introduction to this product:

For more information including downloadable brochures on this product, go to, and click on “Learn More” on the Automatic Operator box.

One Response to “Falcon 8200 Series Auto Operator”

  1. Brett Lomax, AHC says:

    I found out by accident that if the power is out the motor produces enough electricity to power the board and control the closing speed.

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