I guess it’s a sign of the times. In the old days, if you were lucky enough to get your name in the newspaper, that was a very big event (unless you were in the police blotter). One time I was on TV and I had my whole family standing by to press *record* on the VCR at just the right moment.  My friend’s elderly grandfather saw me on the news and almost knocked over his oxygen tank in his excitement.  But with the advent of social media – Facebook, Youtube, blogging, etc., appearing in the media is a daily or weekly occurrence for many of us.

I knew that Ingersoll Rand was working on a social media page that featured my blog but it was kind of exciting to actually see it live and working, so I gathered the kids around for a look.  Since they’re constantly seeing family pictures and videos on the computer I don’t think they understood the significance, but they thought the photo of them heading out on Chip Falcon’s Road Trip was “pretty cool.”  Not quite the reaction I had when my winning contest entry was printed in the paper in 1975 though.

But I think this page is very cool.  It’s a new web page that pulls together all of Ingersoll Rand’s social media – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, as well as my blog (and hopefully more blogs in the future). Check it out!

Social Media Page

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