I think I may have found the perfect hobby for myself.  Not that I need anything else to keep me busy, but I recently discovered the art of Urban Exploration, which combines my love of photography, architecture, and adventure. According to Wikipedia, Urban Exploration (AKA urbex or UE) is “the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities.”

If it weren’t for the rodents, asbestos, hostile squatters, questionable structural integrity, and the possibility of trespassing charges, I might actually venture out and do some exploring, but for now I’m content just to look at the amazing finds on the dozens of UE websites.  As expected, there are lots of photos of doors!  And thanks to my new friends, most of whom go by pseudonyms like “Freak82” and “DarkSeekr,” I can share some of these images here.

The photos below are from Prince Said Halim’s Palace in Cairo, which was later used as the Al-Nassiriyah School, and has been empty since 2004.  Gorgeous!

KS Doors
KS Lobby
KS Stairs


More photos of this building can be seen here: http://www.uesuperfunhappytime.com/gallery/rosetta/

More information about the building’s history can be found here:

Photos courtesy of Kevin Shivers.

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