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Feb 23 2009

Alphabet Soup

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CB005684I have worked long and hard to achieve certifications within the hardware industry, so you can bet your booty they’re printed on my business card.¬† People often ask what they all mean, so here’s¬† a quick run-down.

(BTW…I’m still working on some of these, and others require more time and effort than I’m planning to have before I retire in 2028.)

Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) Certifications:

  • AHC – Architectural Hardware Consultant
  • CDC – Certified Door Consultant
  • EHC – Electrified Hardware Consultant
  • AOC – Architectural Openings Consultant (If you achieve the 3 certifications above, you become an AOC.)
  • A “D” in front of the certifications above means “Distinguished”.
  • FDHI – Fellow, DHI
  • FDAI – This stands for Fire Door Assembly Inspector – full title must be written, not abbreviated.

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Certifications:

  • CDT – Certified Documents Technologist
  • CCPR – Certified Construction Product Representative
  • CCS – Certified Construction Specifier
  • CCCA – Certified Construction Contract Administrator
  • CSI – CSI Member

Code Organizations (being a member allows the use of the following):

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