Although hardware schedules look like Greek to most people, there is a specific sequence for the products listed there.  In the U.S. we typically use DHI’s Standard Sequence and Format for the Hardware Schedule – a document published decades ago.  Personally, I think about hardware in this order and find it very difficult to read a hardware set if it’s not written this way; many specifications require submittals to follow this format.  The DHI document breaks down the list into more specific categories, but in the simplest form, the sequence is:

– Hang the Door – hinges, pivots, other hanging devices
– Secure the Door – flush bolts or other hardware for pairs, locks, panic hardware, etc.
– Control the Door – door closers, automatic-closing devices, any hardware used to control the door
– Protect the Door – protection plates, stops, gasketing, and other accessories

The European method of sequencing door hardware in a specification or submittal is very similar to the DHI method, with a few variations.  As I mentioned last month, iDigHardware’s international audience has grown substantially over the years, and I will be adding some posts and articles that will be helpful to those working with doors and hardware in other parts of the world.  The information below was sent by Hamza Ali DHT and Sushil Kumar Dip GAI, both of Allegion.


Flowchart - Hang Door - Close the door - Secure the door - operate the door - protect the doorSequencing refers to the listing of door hardware in a pre-determined order, doing so will ensure consistency in the specification written for every door.  Sequencing the hardware will make the specwriter’s job more systematic by ensuring that all the items required are listed and not overlooked.  This will also make it easier for the installer, customer, or end-user to read and understand the hardware and the specification.

Below we have the GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, UK) suggested listing or sequencing for European Hardware:

  • Hinges: Hang the door.
  • Closer: Close the Door.
  • Lock: Secure the door.
  • Furniture: Operate or open the door (lever handles, pull handles etc.).
  • Protect the door.
  • Miscellaneous items (floor stops and accessory).
  • Label (Signage) the Door (Ex. “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT” or “FIRE DOOR KEEP LOCKED”).

Submitted by: Hamza Ali DHT and Sushil Kumar Dip GAI, both of Allegion

Have you had experience with hardware sequencing in other parts of the world?

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