Because of the holiday weekend and the Webinar Wednesday sessions scheduled for the first week of the month, this is a last-minute notification of the online training available TOMORROW (sorry!) – I hope some of you can make it!  There is another Webinar Wednesday later in July, along with a new Security in 30 webinar.

Wednesday, July 6th

Webinar Wednesday

  • 10:00-11:00AM: Steelcraft Door & Frame Construction and Application
    • New to hollow metal doors & frames? Join us to learn about Steelcraft door types, such as full flush, steel stiffened, temperature rise, and style and rail doors. You will also learn the difference between masonry and dry wall frames, including some application and installation considerations. Leon Starks, Steelcraft Training Manager, will lead this session.
  • 12:00-1:00PM: Essentials of Access Control
    • In this session, we will explore the essential components of access control. We will discuss products common in access control, including their features and benefits and the solutions they provide for a building’s occupants and owners. John Dalrymple, our Allegion Electronics Training Manager, will lead this exploration.
  • 2:00-3:00PM: Introduction to Republic Doors and Frames
    • Republic Doors and Frames joined our Allegion family of brands in 2017. In this session, our Steelcraft and Republic Training Manager, Leon Starks, will introduce you to Republic, one of the founding members of the Steel Door Institute (SDI). Learn about Republic’s two frame series, their profiles, and anchors. Familiarize yourself with Republic doors, including their popular options and models. Leon will also touch on the hardware preparations available for Republic frames and doors.
  • 4:00-5:00PM: Electrified Hardware for Access Control Systems and Security
    • Electrified and electronic hardware can enhance the security and safety of a facility if the hardware selections are made with the facility’s needs in mind. During this session, we’ll talk about the importance of asking questions of your clients to determine how they need openings to function given their access control and security requirements. We’ll have time to discuss some electrified and electronic hardware components commonly in use today and that can grow/adapt as your clients’ needs change. John Dalrymple, our Electronics Training Manager, will lead this session.

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Friday, July 15th

Security in 30 | Credential and Intelligent Wireless Lock Interoperability

Presented by: Jake Fergerstrom, Associate Product Manager at Allegion; Paul Iverson, Credential Solutions Business Leader at Allegion

If you are in the business of Electronic Access Control – Allegion’s Security in 30 webinar series is for you. While anyone is welcome to attend, these sessions were created primarily for integrators and those in the EAC industry.

In the electronic access control industry Credential Interoperability among hardware manufacturers has traditionally been very limited. That however is changing as end users seek to leverage intelligent wireless locks to efficiently and cost effectively add new doors to their access control investment and utilize decision making “at the edge”. But…it all begins with “does the credential I’m considering investing with and/or I have deployed work with the hardware being considered?”

As an Allegion end user customer, consultant or channel partner spend a fast paced 30-minutes with the Allegion team to consider this hardware interoperability innovation. You may be surprised to learn how competitors are also partners serving the needs of the end user customer!

See you July 15th!

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Wednesday, July 20th

Webinar Wednesday

  • 10:00-11:00AM: Door Drills | Maintenance Tips for Your Von Duprin Exit Hardware, Featuring the 98/99 Series
    • Are you responsible in whole or part for keeping the doors at your facility in good working order?  If so, our Door Drills series is for you.  Because the Von Duprin exit device is designed and built to last, with just a little care and attention and perhaps with the occasional addition of an optional feature, the exit device will perform its essential life safety role well for many years.   Attend this session as we address such service items as checking for proper mounting and lubrication, device settings that determine the trim locking/unlocking operation, replacing the shear pin on the lever trim, adding cylinder dogging, adding an alarm kit, etc.
  • 2:00-3:00PM: The Essentials of Fire Door Inspections
    • Are you responsible or partially responsible for the integrity of the fire-rated openings at your facility or your customer’s facility? If so, then you probably also have some responsibility to ensure these openings pass an annual fire door inspection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) first introduced requirements for annual fire door inspections in their 2007 edition of the NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Since the NFPA 80 2013 edition, fire door inspectors are required to examine each fire door assembly for thirteen criteria. Learn what those thirteen criteria are, how to spot them, and ultimately, how to protect life and property by keeping fire doors operating properly. Join Jeff Tock, our End User Training Manager, for this informative session.

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