When I started working in the door and hardware industry, code officials were mysterious and truth be told, a little intimidating to me (scary, even!).  If there was a question about codes it was always, “Ask the AHJ*”, so I figured they must know everything there was to know about the code requirements.  I taught a few classes for code officials way back when I was just starting to get involved with codes, and it was terrifying.

It has been a long and winding road, but today I collaborate with AHJs regularly.  I help bridge the gap between code interpretation and understanding of doors and hardware.  I work with the BHMA Codes, Government, and Industry Affairs Committee to make changes and clarifications to the codes and standards, rather than just waiting to see how the new codes impact our industry.  There are many code officials who visit iDigHardware frequently, and I so appreciate these relationships as we share information in both directions.

Because of my history with code officials and my involvement with code development, I was excited when the International Code Council asked to include me in the Building Safety Journal’s “Personal Perspectives” series.  I didn’t realize that they were going to use my answers to their questions verbatim or I would have tried to be more eloquent, but the article that is being sent out to over 100,000 code professionals is here:

I didn’t have an answer for the final question, so maybe you can help me come up with some ideas:

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title would be?
Greene: I’ve been stuck on this one for 3 days…I have no idea! But I could ask this question on iDigHardware.com and see what the readers come up with if that would help.

What do you think?

*AHJ = Authority Having Jurisdiction…fire marshal, building inspector, etc.

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