Steve Budde of Greenwood Care sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photo, taken in an apartment building he was visiting.  Although I’m a big fan of instructional signage, does anyone see the 4 little problems here?  (Spoiler Alert: The answer is below the photo.)

Here is the applicable section from NFPA 80:

4.1.4 Signage. Informational signs shall be permitted to be installed on the surfaces of fire doors in accordance with through or in accordance with the manufacturer’s published listing. The total area of all attached signs shall not exceed 5 percent of the area of the face of the fire door to which they are attached. Means of Attachment. Signs shall be attached to fire doors by use of an adhesive. Mechanical attachments such as screws or nails shall not be permitted.* Signs shall not be installed on fire protection–rated glazing in fire doors. Signs shall not be installed on the surface of fire doors so as to impair or otherwise interfere with the proper operation of the fire door.

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