About 10 years ago, a wise man (the company president at the time) told me that someday I would not be able to handle the network I was creating.  He was right.  That year, iDigHardware had a total of 63,112 visits, and I was thrilled.  The site turned 12 years old about a week ago, and last year there were more than half a million visits.  HALF A MILLION!

One of the things I love most about iDigHardware is that I’m in control.  I call it my 4th baby – even though I have very little control over my other 3 babies these days – I created the site and I take care of it.  I decide what to post and what changes need to be made.  Having this level of autonomy in a large corporation is an uncommon gift that I’m very grateful to Allegion for.

With independence comes responsibility.  The exposure of iDigHardware (and me) to the world means that there are thousands of people who know that if they have a question, I’ll do my best to help answer it.  Sometimes a response takes 5 minutes, and sometimes it takes half a day.  Given my other responsibilities, I can’t respond quickly enough to all of the individual requests I receive daily.

Fortunately, we have offices all over the US and beyond, and in each office there is an Allegion code expert who is ready, willing, and able to answer most of your questions; if they run into one they can’t answer, I’ll be here.  They are more familiar with the local codes in their states – I spend almost all of my time with the model codes and may not be aware of a local requirement.  We have streamlined the system for asking code questions, so just click on the orange ball in the right sidebar, choose “codes” in the first box, and your question will go to a real live person who can help.  You can also use this form to request the laminated fire door inspection cards or hard copies of the code reference guide (don’t forget to include your mailing address). You’re in good hands!

There are a few other housekeeping items…

Search: The answers to many questions can be found on iDigHardware, but there are currently about 2,700 posts so searching for a specific post can be difficult.  We’re working on improvements to the search function that will hopefully help with that.  You can also try using the specific pages where I have grouped information, like the technical articles and whiteboard videos, and the content related to fire doors or school security.  The Allegion Code Reference Guide is a great source of information – I’ll be updating it soon and everyone who has downloaded the current version will receive a notification when the new one is available.

Favorites: If you read a post and want to make sure you can find it again when you need it, you can register and create a custom library of posts – the instructions for registering are here.  To complete the process you must click on the link in the email you will receive (check spam if you don’t see it), and use your temporary password to login.  You can then change your password.  If you have trouble with this process, I can set your password from this end.  Once you register, you can start saving posts in your own library.

Subscribe: The easiest way to keep up with what’s new is to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts on iDigHardware.  You can subscribe to receive notifications daily or weekly here (or the monthly Codes & Education newsletter here).  The email notification system has experienced some growing pains, so it’s possible that you have already subscribed but you’re not receiving the emails.  We’re in the process of resolving these issues, so you may start seeing emails immediately.  If not, check your spam/junk/clutter folders and mark the domain name as a safe sender.  You can also try re-subscribing again – this should not result in duplicate emails.

Thank you all for your support!

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