Sometimes Wordless Wednesday photos need a little context.  Most of us have seen hotel meeting rooms with exits concealed by curtains…but during a class for code officials??

In case you’re wondering why this is a problem (especially since it’s so common), here’s where the Life Safety Code addresses curtains: Hangings or draperies shall not be placed over exit doors or located so that they conceal or obscure any exit, unless otherwise provided in

Although curtains ARE allowed by section, this section is specific to the walls of TENTS.  Curtains across egress openings in tent walls must be a contrasting color so they are recognizable as a means of egress, the opening must be at least 6 feet wide, and the curtains must be on slide rings or other hardware that allows them to be readily moved to the side.  Interesting, right?

Thanks to Tim Weller of Allegion for the photos!

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