Here is a list of the webinars that our national training team is presenting tomorrow.  There’s still time to sign up!

June 10th – Webinar Wednesday Live Classes (all times EST) – Click HERE to register for any of the webinars below.


10-11am: Delayed Egress

One of the golden rules in door hardware is that a lock should never impede egress, but there are specific situations where locking hardware is allowed to do so. In this presentation we will review “Delayed Egress,” a special code-regulated application that inhibits immediate passage through a door opening. We will explain what different codes say about this function with emphasis on where it can and cannot be used. We will give an overview of two of the most commonly used products to achieve delayed egress along with additional resources for more detailed requirements.

Shawn Mahoney, our Von Duprin Training Manager will lead this discussion.


12am-1pm: Essentials of Access Control

In this session, we will explore the essential components of access control. We will discuss products common in access control, including their features and benefits and the solutions they provide for a building’s occupants and owners.

John Dalrymple, our Electronics Training Manager, will lead this session.


2-3pm: The Basics of Interlocks

While security interlocks are not common, when they are needed, they are an essential part of a facility’s security plans. If you are not familiar or not comfortable planning for openings with interlocks, this webinar can help. You’ll learn questions to ask facility personnel to determine how the openings will need to function to meet the security requirements. And, you’ll discover how a set of components work together to achieve the desired functionality.

Jeff Tock, our Allegion End User Training Manager, will lead this session.


4-5pm: Electrified Hardware – Wiring Choices

Selecting the correct wire for electromechanical locking devices and electronic access control systems is critical for the proper operation of those devices and systems. If terms such as volts, amps, plenum-rated, and shielded leave you scratching your head, this webinar is for you. Learn how to read labels on various types of cables and how to select the proper cable based on factors such as operating voltage, current rating, wire lengths, and the installation environment.

Allegion’s senior product trainer, Gordon Malczewski, will lead this session.


You can see the upcoming webinars on the Allegion Virtual Event Calendar.

And don’t forget about my webinar on June 18th!  There’s more info on the webinars page of iDigHardware.

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