There has been some talk lately about whether delayed egress locks are a good solution for preventing theft, due to concerns about the need for immediate egress in an active-shooter incident.  I published a post last year about this question, and one of the viable solutions was to install “panic buttons” and train staff to use these buttons to release the delayed egress locks if an active shooter situation occurred.

Unfortunately, without a code-compliant way to deter theft (like a delayed egress lock), people will come up with their own “solutions.”  The Wordless Wednesday photos below show one distribution facility’s alternative, which was likely adopted when the exit alarms did not adequately deter non-emergency use of the doors.

Thank you to Kerry Heminger of Commercial Door Metal Systems for the photos. 

If you’ve got some Wordless Wednesday or Fixed-it Friday photos hiding in your phone, send them along so I can continue to share them!

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