I know – I just asked WWYD? yesterday, but I have another good one from Roschmann Steel & Glass Constructions Inc.  The vestibule in the partial plan below is the main entrance/exit for a high-rise building, and the ground-floor exits serve a total calculated occupant load of 1,325 people.  The exit shown below serves 350 occupants.

For aesthetic purposes, a change is being considered to the configuration of the swinging pair of doors at the exterior – each leaf would be increased from 36 inches wide to 62 inches wide.  The doors would be 96 inches in height, 1/2-inch-thick tempered glass with top and bottom rails.  The pivot point would be 20 inches from the edge of the door.

I have some thoughts on this application, but I’d like to hear from you first. 

  • Have you ever supplied or specified door like this?
  • What are the potential code issues with this application?
  • Is the projection of the hinge edge into the vestibule a problem?
  • What about functional challenges?



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