Over the last 10 years, readers of iDigHardware have learned a lot about the code requirements that apply to doors, but sometimes it can be difficult to transfer that “book learning” to real-world questions.  I’m thinking that maybe we need a new category of iDH posts to help us practice – what do you think?

Let’s give it a try.  The partial plan below shows a music classroom in a high school.  Based on the classroom size of 28 feet x 40 feet, answer the questions below the plan, based on the International Building Code (any edition).  There are links below to more information if you need it.

A) What is the calculated occupant load of this classroom?

B) Are all 3 doors (2 singles and 1 pair) required for egress?

C) Are the doors serving this room required to be outswinging?

D) Do the doors require panic hardware?

Leave your answers (or questions!) in the reply box, and I will hold them until tomorrow when I will share the answers (here are the answers!).

Do you have an idea for an “Apply-It” post?  Please leave it in the reply box!

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