Today’s Fixed-it Friday photo was posted by Derreck Bays on the Facebook page of Coastal Fire Training, and Derreck gave me permission to share it here.

Remember, an egress door can not require a key, tool, special knowledge or effort for egress, and according to the International Building Code and International Fire Code, “Doors provided for egress purposes in numbers greater than required by this code shall meet the requirements of this section.” 

If the door in this photo is not required, intended, or provided for egress purposes, it should be taken out of service completely rather than looking like an egress door but not allowing egress.

On a related note, Coastal Fire Training is looking for hardware that they can use for firefighter training purposes.  I know that there are locksmiths, distributors, and contractors reading this right now who have a stockpile of salvaged, damaged, or otherwise nonsalable doors and hardware that would be a great help for firefighter training.

If you are near Hampton, Virginia or would be willing to ship, please get in touch with John Buttrick of Coastal Fire Training – (757) 846-8858 or to see if you have what he’s looking for. 

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