Back in the Olden Days, whenever there was a lead-lined door, we scheduled a closer cover that was lined with lead, in addition to other hardware with lead which protected the holes through the door.  The frames were also lead-lined (as well as the walls, which were not my bailiwick).  It was all a little mysterious to me, but the objective was obviously to prevent radiation from passing through the door opening when imaging equipment was in use.

Last week I stumbled upon some information about lead-lined door closer covers that I had not seen before…a letter from LCN stating that the lead-lined covers were being discontinued.  Attached to LCN’s letter is some information from the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP).  This states that lead-lined closer covers are not needed, because the steel fasteners filling the holes through the door (and the lead) do not result in significant radiation leaks; the steel fasteners generally attenuate the radiation equally or more effectively than the lead.  Interesting, right?

I haven’t found a great resource on lead in doors, that would help us to know what to consider when specifying lead-lined doors, frames, and hardware.  I’d love to compile some of this information for future reference.

If you have experience with lead-lined doors, please share your insight in the reply box!

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