In the beginning…I was a detailer.  A detailer’s job is to deal with the details of the shop drawings, hardware schedule, and orders for a project’s doors, frames, and hardware, and sometimes specialty products.  In our office, the detailers also did much of the estimating.  It was where I learned a lot about door openings, and made some of my most stupendous mistakes (sorry, Bob & Ralph).

Working as a detailer also gave me an immense appreciation for difficult coordination.  One of the most common problem applications is incorrect coordination of the hold-open position – like this previous Fixed-it Friday photo.  I saw the doors below during one of our college tours – not only are the cross-corridor doors on pocket pivots and held open parallel to the corridor walls, the stair door is ALSO on pocket pivots and creates a perfect 90-degree corner with one of the corridor doors.  The geometric flooring increases the level of difficulty, AND the doors are more than 3 feet wide and have the correctly sized fire exit hardware!

This is coordination to be celebrated!  In fact, if you can prove to me that you were the detailer for this pocket door application (or otherwise responsible for the details), I’ll send you something from the iDigHardware prize vault!  If you think it looks familiar, the university is in Texas.

UPDATE:  There were some questions about the application shown in these photos, so I answered them in a follow-up post.

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